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Facts about ONE OK ROCK

Facts about Taka:

There have been many rumors circulating about whether or not he actually left the Johnny’s Entertainment on his own will or if he got kicked out thanks to him being shown in a tabloid magazine with a woman. The official news that went out was that he wanted to “focus on his studies”. However in this agency there’s a strictly no dating policy. He was in a band called Chivary of Music before joining ONE OK ROCK in 2005.

In 2005, he changed his last name from Moriuchi (森内) to Morita (森田). 

They released their first Indies CD in 2006 and got signed by Amuse, Inc. whom they made their major debut with.

Taka has a little brother whose name is Hiroki who is the lead singer of the band ‘MY FIRST STORY’

In March 2013, Simple Plan announced a new featuring of their song, Summer Paradise with Taka ONE OK ROCK only for Japan Release.  Then they performed together at Punkspring 2013.

Taka helped Pay money To my Pain to sing one of their songs on tribute album “Gene” after their vocalist died due of heart failure.