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Dreaming Alone Feat Taka // Against the Current

Posted by Chrissy on Februar 4 • filed in Media // 0 Comments

The band against the current has recorded together with Taka the song Dreaming Alone. The expected release date is februrary 17th. A sample of the song can be listen here

Site Update:

I have relaunched the Icons, Wallpaper & more  and inlcuded the Winamp skins. Check them out here 

New Rockin´ON Japan

Posted by Chrissy on Januar 26 • filed in Media // 0 Comments

Taka is on the cover of the newest issue of ROCKIN´ON JAPAN

Taka Cool

Taka & Radwimps on Radio FM802

ORad FM802

“Walkin’Talkin’ -徒然ダイアローグ-”

FM802 毎週日曜日 21:00~22:00

InterFM 毎週月曜日 21:00~22:00



Songlist and Studio Jam Session 2 video online

Posted by Chrissy on Januar 7 • filed in Media // 0 Comments

ONE OK ROCK published yesterday the tracklist from their upcoming Album 35xxxv, which will be released on February 11th!

01 ; 3xxxv5
02 ; Take me to the top
03 ; Cry out
04 ; Suddenly
05 ; Mighty Long Fall
06 ; Heartache
07 ; Memories
08 ; Decision
09 ; Paper Planes (featuring Kellin from Sleeping with Sirens)
10 ; Good Goodbye
11 ; One by One
12 ; Stuck in the middle
13 ; Fight the night


And on youtube can be seen the movie trailer to Studio Jam Session Volume 2

Batschkapp Frankfurt

Posted by Chrissy on Dezember 2 • filed in Media // 0 Comments

Thanks to ONE OK ROCK for this amazing concert! We had so much fun, specially the fans were so friendly!


Some pics are uploaded here. Sorry most of them are very blurry, because Taka and & Co. are always jumping around